🎅Of Baba's Gurus, Sadhvis, Politics and Sex.💑

🎅Of Baba's Gurus, Sadhus, Saadhvis, Politics and Sex💑.
✒By Guru Balwant Gurunay⛩

©  Spiritualists, Babas, Monks, Peers, Gurus, GuruMaas,  Jain Munis and even the Pope have all been accused of rape, and scores of other sexual misconducts, in past aswellas in the very recent times.

All this has a lot to say, not just about the falling standards of some spiritualists but also at the same time extremely hypocritical values and expectations that the society has built around its teachers, priests, monks and supposedly holy men and women.

All this goes way well to prove that, firstly  sex is a need indeed of all homosapiens, and its oppression is only going to give rise to perverted and criminal sex,  and secondly that, character assassination based on sex, is the most convenient tool to destroy a person, man or woman both.

As a Baba  if you have a drink, or stay quite drunk most of the times,  you may get away with it by merely   being called a 'Tipsy Monk', 'Talli Baba' or a 'Mast Baba'.

Remaining high on charas or cannibass may just about get you a nick name of a 'Charasi baba', a 'Stoned Monk' or a 'Bhangi Baba'.

 You can even get away by beating your disciples black and blue, because you might become famous as a ,  'Danda-Swami',  a 'Stick Monk' or a 'Sottey wala Baba', but  if you think of having sex as a baba, you are bound to be dubbed as a pacca hypocrite, a sinner, or a balaatkaari.

A bloody whore, who may have slept with 5 men in the same bed,  has today suddenly acquired a power to destroy any one, if she has enough incentive to do so, and I must submit here that, I do not by saying so, mean that, all cases in this context are mere false allegations, but the criminal and malicious application of such accusations today,  is very highly possible.

Now, what is the solution?

Solution is simple. The solution is that being a baba as such, should not be associated anymore with abstaining from sex alone, and such abstention should not be considered, as a grand human virtue.

For Baba's, the lesson learnt should be that they must cast off this hypocrisy of sexual abstention.  Rather if you have a woman friend, one should be quite open about the whole affair.

 Baba's can not be hypocrites any more, and also must at the same time remember, never ever to touch a woman, who has no desire, to be sleeping with them, period.

If you like sex, proclaim so, by either getting married,  or else be as open about it, as Lord Krishna was, if you have the guts to do so.

The society should also remember,  that if you respect some one as a baba for being a non-drinking, non-smoking and non-screwing person, you are only encouraging hypocrisy.

 These most lowly benchmarks of virtue are the main reasons for all the chaos in the society today.

If you respect a man for not eating meat, there are enough thuggs in Benares who do not even touch non-veg, but are master thieves and thuggs. If it is non drinkers and non smokers whom you think are holy, there are enough criminal killers going around, who dont touch neither wine nor cigarettes, and if  abstaining  from sex alone is the greatest virtue in your mind, than please, the castrated bulls are quite worthy of your virtuous adoration.

So lets not forget, that being a Guru or a Guide is all about  knowledge, skills, wisdom and one's ability to show the way, and not one's personal habits of consumption or abstinence.

The protection of dignity of women is, undoubtedly extremly important for a healthy society, but making the word 'Rape' once said by a woman, a Kim-Jong's hydrogen bomb button, good enough to destroy some one's world is devastatingly  harmful for society, in the long run.

 This  new trend of fixing someone via the rape allegation route, is bound to be counterproductive in the long run.

  Lets take the example of Baba's, atleast for the time being, most of the Baba's will be doubly careful, therefore  murders  of Baba sex victims might increase many folds as a result, or else on the honest side,  it could even start a neo-age Baba trend, where the Gurus and Baba's will start proclaiming openly that they do not abstain from either sex, or liquor,  or charas etc etc, and they do not abstain from good life, beautiful women,  luxurious cars or palatial abodes.

The second one seems better as atleast in that case, the society will have more honesty and less hypocrisy.

What makes one a Guru, Gurumaa or a Baba, is their ability to organise, interpret and expound knowledge and wisdom. An honest Guru, Gurumaa or a Baba, should be bold enough to say that I am a normal healthy human being, and if a beautiful woman or a man was to wish to sleep with me, willingly make love as per her/his desire, I might oblige, if the attraction is mutual.

This line of thought however still does not make sex with unwilling women, against their freewill, or soliciting women in to sex by false promises, or dragging them, or threatening them for sex any less a crime.

So the teachers, religious or otherwise should understand that they need not wear false cloaks of holiness. If they feel like finding a nice fuck, they should rather look for it amongst mutually consenting adults attracted to them, rather than coercing gullible unwilling women in to sleeping with them, or forcefully dragging women to have sex with them, as this way they are bringing great disrepute to the teaching and mentoring community in general.

 And also, on the lighter side, having some kind of mutually consenting legal document signed by both consenting adults, registered with an attorney, signed by two witnesses etc etc atleast, is not a bad idea.

 Rape accusations as a tool of arm-twisting, and fixing any opposition  has today become, a tool for any one with crooked financial or political motives.

This trend is extremly dangerous for society.  Like in America, Al  Capone, could not be fixed ever by government, as he left no trails, either on the drug routes or liquor mafia, which he controlled, but this genius criminal got fixed in a tax evasion case, and thenon, the tax evasion accusations became more and more  popular as the claw hand of establishment, and quite the same is happening with the phenomena of using rape accusations as a tool to fix any one in India.

If one has the need for sex, why the hell should that person hide it from himself and others and go in to a denial mode. Be open about it, knowing well that,  any thing other than mutually consented sex  is a crime in eyes of law, society and God as well.
🕊तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल 📿
✒ ©Guru Balwant Gurunay⛩

🕌🎪© Dera's unprecedented fall. © 🏕

🕌🎪© Dera's unprecedented fall. © 🏕
by ✒Guru Balwant Gurunay.

©  How did the Dera actually get hit, and why, inspite of it's huge political connections, and that too when, the political party it most blatantly supported, is in power, both in center and in state, did the Dera Sirsa fall, is  million dollar question.

 Dera head, GRRS Insaa, his deputy and shadow companion,  Honeypreet insaa are caged, Vipashana is in control of the ruined fortress on ground, Aditya who also was, 'Advityya' is Adrishya,  and the  Premis are saying, 'Why and how we fell out of grace with those whom we supported, and then why our favour got paid back with such disgrace'.

After all how did a house so intelligently put in order fell so suddenly, and as quickly as it did,  and got so crumbled?

The reasons are three to be precise.

1.  Extreme exhibitionistic flaunting of political  connections of Dera Chief, generating multiple jealousies in adversaries, both religious and political. Many Babas and Netas from all the opposition parties, and quite a few amongst the ruling one's, wanted to pull the carpet from under the Baba's feet.

2. Blatant and Bling lifestyle of Dera chief and his near and dear ones, which made them fall in the general public's eye,  not only generating  jealousy in adversaries, but even contempt in media and general public,  as their actions had started projecting them being more filmi and reckless, rather than being  somber, humble, and serious spiritual facilitators.

3.  Internal jealousies and a tug of war in Dera's internal control politics, in light of its wealth worth  thousands of crores of rupees, in business and real estate, and Ram Raheem giving a direct and better competition to another 'in power politician's blue eyed' Swami RD, and ofcourse Reliance food chains, Period.

In all the chaos that ensued, GRR  has been projected as a narcissist  control freak Guru by mainstream media, both print and  electronic,  which also left no stone unturned to project him as an absolute villian.  All this has been done collectively by the TRP hungry media and the  plotting mastermind adversaries of Dera, who all may have collectively, or independently done so, there by bringing about the Dera's fall.

To put the record straight,
I am neither for nor against the Sirsa Dera, or Dera politics in general, as I go by the dictum, 'Necessity is the mother of all invention'.  Thus Deras are bound to be there, as long as the need for them continues, and by need I mean every thing, including the need for community support and general social, economic, psychological, sociocultural fulfilment that Deras provide.

Sirsa Dera and the dera chief, both have remained in the eye of the storm, and have lived amongst controversy, after the dera came in  direct political conflicts with the Sikh politics.

 As a result  many different political alliances  emerged  betwen the dera and  'Major Political Parties,' both of the region and the nation. Dera chief was on the hit list of extremists, thus he and his followers were granted Z protection as well a number of semi automatic and other fire arms for self protection.

Of the Panchkula riots and on them,   all has been in the public gaze. People were allowed to collect in thousands, Inspite of prohibitive orders, the rioters who took advantage of the huge crowds of Premis, were actually practically checked out physically in terms of true intervention, only after the media vans were set to fire, the deputy Commissioner was made to run for her life and public offices were set afire, there by setting, a stage for opening fire on gathered crowds, who by now were panicking and running for their lives.

All those killed were poor folks from remote rural regions of Haryana and Punjab whereas, the main accused in the event succeeded in running away and evaded arrest untill, they were hounded in to submission and surrender by the long arm if the law.

Now lets get back to the Dera Chief, who has been convicted by the CBI court in absence of any technical evidence, based only on a letter written 15 years back, and oral statements of accusers, whom the CBI, itself had to hunt for not less than a period of 2 years . The CBI court's judgement is bound to be challanged in the high court, and the higher judiciary is not going to be influenced by any thing other than concerete evidence.

As far as Journalist Chatrapati ji's murder case is concerned, the judicial process is on, but again, there are many twists and turns expected in it too.

In case of skeletons or human remains in the dera, it has been clarified by dera administration via their newspaper that the dera had started a new tradition  of burying the remains of dead, post cremation and then planting a tree on the spot to commemorate the dead.

So it again boils down to 'investigation' and 'evidence', but if some premis have buried the 'Asthis' of their dead and rather than building samadhis over them, have preferred to plant a tree over them, so be it.

Honey preet is only an accused yet, that too more so accused by media, and therefore a victim of extra-judicial  media trial alone. When the Panchkula riots were on, she was not any where close to them, but was flying with Baba and the cops to Rohtak jail. Her disapperance hence forth is a natural panic reaction of a semi educated lady, who by then was already announced as a main conspirator of riots.

Truly speaking, she has only been accused by the media as yet, which in its mad rush for TRP, has carried out an unparalleled character assassination of the young woman,  put her in unnecessary negative public gaze, made all kinds of sexiest remarks about her personal life, her broken marriage,  and also left no stone unturned in making her look like a national traitor.

It is  not fair for any decent person to behave like  the publicity hungry  opportunist starlet, Rakhi Sawant, who on live national television,  first got in to an abusive fight with a charlatan like Swami OM, and then on the same show did a Nagin dance with him,  and who is  now  busy gaining publicity out of the whole drama.

 The matter of Dera and its Chief aswellas his key supporters is subjudice. Thus, it is only prudent, pragmatic and justifiably right for one and all, not to judge fellow humans sooner then the the law of the land desires. None of us has right of making a business out of  giving  any folks a bad name, and then hang them extra-judicially, when the actual legal processes are in the process,  and the final words of the 'Lady of Justice' are as yet to be heard.

 Watch and see as the layers unfold and the whole truth comes out of this drama, not as the gullible public perception seeks it, not even how the political stuntmakers wish to.see it, and not even as the  TRP hungary media wishes it to be,  but we must only and only see it as our Judiciary sees it, in the light shown by our 'Lady of Justice.'
🕊 तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल 📿
✒Guru Balwant Gurunay. ⚔

Death of Innocense

I would like to call the induction of children as soldiers of Jihad as, The DEATH of INNOCENCE. It is indeed a great tragedy of our times..

Some folks would ask, After all where do the weapons for these kids come from, thus pointing their fingers at west.

The sins of west are undoubtedly unforgivable..... but than so are the sins of Islam.

The west lead by Thr U.S.A, and the Wahabis of Saudi Arabia lead fundamental Islam are the two real powers struggling to establish their hegemony over the world , one using technology as the blade of it's evil arrow, and the other using religion as its cutting edge, and in this war, humanity is the biggest loser.

The weapons or technology can come from a hundered different sources, but the cardinal question that still remains is, Where is the indoctrination coming from ?

This desperate struggle can only be said to be springing from terrorism, both western illuminate christian and the islamic terrorism, aimed at controlling the world.

The kids know not what they stand for, yet stand strong for a cause they have no means of understanding, as they dont have any counter narrative.

Standing strong is cute, but' Not Knowing', what they stand for is TRAGIC. 👍🏻
🚩Guru Balwant Gurunay🚩
मोदी जी और ग़रीबी में सम्बन्ध ✍ गुरु बलवन्त गुरुने⛩

© बहुत मित्र आज कल मोदी जी पर दोष मढ़ने में या उन के निरर्थक बचाव में लगे हुए हैं। दोनों ही कहीं न कहीं राजनितिक  जुआरियों के पत्तों का रोल मात्र ही निभा रहे हैं, अन्यथा कुछ नहीं।

कुछ लोग मोदी जी के एक ग़रीब परिवार में जन्म लेने को उन के हक़्क़ में प्रसार प्रचार का मरकज़ बना रहे हैं, तो कुछ लोग इस ही मुद्दे को उन पर व्यंग बाण कसने के लिए एक कमान की भांती प्रयोग कर रहे हैं।

आज सोचा की मोदी जी के साथ बेवजह जोड़े जा रहे इन बेमानी तथ्यों को कसौटी पे परखा जाये।

 बेमानी इस लिए की आज इस का कोई मतलब नहीं रह जाता कि मोदी किसी गरीब परिवार में जन्मे या फिर किसी राजघराने में, क्यों की आज का सत्य बस इतना है की वह देश के सर्वोच्च राजनितिक स्थान पर विराजमान हैं। तथ्य इस लिये की यह भी झुठलाया नहीँ जा सकता की मोदी जी  किसी अमीर या कुलीन घराने से जन्म जात सम्बंधित नहीं हैं, बल्कि एक सामान्य से परिवार से सम्बन्ध रखते हैं, जैसे की हम में से ज्यादातर लोग। यह अलग बात है कि आज राजा महाराज, मोदी के एक इशारे पर  अस्त व्यस्त या ध्वस्त तक किये जा सकते हैं।

सच कहूँ तो आज, न तो मोदी जी गरीब हैं, और न ही उन का गरीबी से कोई दूर दराज़ का भी सम्बन्ध है। लोग कहते हैं मोदी गरीब होने का नाटक करते हैं, लेकिन मुझे नहीं लगता कि मोदी जी ग़रीब होने का नाटक भी करते हैं। वह अच्छा खाते हैं, अच्छा पहनते हैं, और शरेआम एक शानदार ज़िन्दगी जीते हैं।

यह अलग बात है की कुछ लोग राजनीतिक लाभ के लिए और कुछ लोग व्यर्थ में केवल उन्हें छोटा दिखाने की चेष्टा करते हुए, उन्हें कभी चायवाला, तो कभी ग़रीब परिवार से सम्बंधित  सिद्ध करने में लगे हुए हैं।

 किसी का ग़रीब परिवार में जन्म लेना कोई बुराई नहीं, और न ही यह इस बात को निश्चित करता है की वह सारी उम्र दीनहीन ही बना रहे, यह तर्क केवल मिथ्याचिंतन और मिथ्या अहसास पैदा करने की चेष्ठा मात्र ही है, अन्यथा कुछ नहीं।

प्रतिभावान व्यक्ति, कैसे भी हालात में पैदा हों, वह कुछ भी बन सकता है, जो भी वह बनना चाहे।  मूर्खों के घर विद्वान और ग़ुलामों के घर सुलतान पैदा होते आए हैं और होते रहें गे।

 प्रतिभा वह देवी है जो इंसान को फर्श से अर्श पे बैठा देती है। बस फर्क पड़ता है तो इंसान की चाह का। कुछ लोग सन्यासी होना चुनते हैं, कुछ राजा होना, कुछ व्यपारी, तो कुछ बागी।  प्रतिभा और लगन, उन्हें अपने चुने हुए मार्ग पर अवश्य कामयाब करती है।

 धीरू भाई अम्बानी,  महर्षि बाल्मीक, बाबा साहेब अम्बेदकर,  कबीर साहिब, सिकन्दर, यह सभी प्रतिभा के धनी थे, और उन की जीवन गाथाएं मेरे इस मूल सिद्धान्त को सिद्ध करती हैं।  इन सब की प्रतिभाएं हालां की अलग अलग थीं।।

मोदी भी अवश्य ही प्रतिभा के धनी हैं । अब कुछ लोग उन्हें जुमलेबाज़ कहते हैं, तो भाई यही सही, जिस देश में जो  बिके गा, वही बेचा जाये गा।

 आदरणीय श्रीमती इंदिरा जी  का नारा, ' गरीबी हटाओ' भी तो आखिरकार एक जुमला ही था। इस ही प्रकार समाजवाद के नाम पर राजनितिक सत्ता का जुआ जीतने वाले मुलायम सिंह जी, और लालू प्रसाद यादव जी भी तो समाजवाद की जुमलेबाजी ही करते हैं, यानी मुख़ौटा समाजवाद का, नारा समाजवाद का लेकिन काम और सेवा अपनी और निजी परिवार की। सुश्री मायावती जी भी तो दलित उत्तथान के नारे का सहारा ले कर अत्ती धनाढ्य हुईं।

 यानि राजनितिक कोयले की दलाली में कोई नहीं कह सकता की मेरी चादर बेदाग़ है, यहां वस्त्र ही नहीँ, सभी के मुंह पर भी झूठ, फ़रेब और छल की कालिख पुत्ती है।

चलें पुन्ह मोदी जी की बात करते हैं।
जो व्यक्ति, पिछले कई दशकों से राजनितिक जीवन से जुड़ा रहा है, सन्घ का मशहूर प्रचारक रहा है, दशकों पहले भाजपा का हिमाचल प्रदेश का प्रसार और डेवेलपमेंट का मुखिया रहा है, और भी कितने ही महत्वपूर्ण पदों पे रहा है, लगातार 3 बार गुजरात का मुख्यमंत्री रहा है, आज देश का प्रधान मंत्री है, देश के सब से ताकतवर राजनेता के तौर पे स्थापित है,  और न जाने कितने बड़े व्यपारिक घराने के लोग जिस का पानी भरते हैं,  ऐसा इंसान अवश्य ही कोई प्रतिभवान व्यक्ति ही हो सकता है।

अब यदी हम में से किसी को भी मोदी जी से शिकायत है, जो हो सकता है आप को भी  हो, और कुछ अन्य लोगो को भी हो, तो उन्हें मोदी जी पे नहीं, देश की व्यवस्था पे ऊँगली उठानी चाहिए।।

 मोदी नाम का फ़िनामिना  इस व्यवस्था में ही पनपा और फ्ला-फूला है।  अगर धर्म की, जात पात की, आपसी द्वेष की राजनीती की जगह पिछले 70 साल से देश में सच्चे विकास की बात की जाती तो आज जिस विकास के जन्म न लेने पे एक राष्ट्रिय विलाप सा चल रहा है, वही विकास खुद 50 साल का होता, और शायद  सर्वमंगल और सर्वसुख नामक दो बेटों का बाप भी होता।

यह व्यवस्था कोई 2 या 3 साल में नहीँ पनपी है।  इस व्यवस्था के पनपने के लिए वह सभी लोग जिम्मेवार हैं जो पिछले 70 साल से इस व्यवस्था द्वारा देश का दोहन करते आ रहे हैं। इस का यह अर्थ हरगिज़ नहीं की मौजूदा सत्ताधारियों को यह वहम हो जाये कि इस बहाने वह बच गये। यदि पिछले 4 वर्षों में बातें , वायदे, निरर्थक उठा-पठक ज्यादा और सार्थक परिवर्तन कम हुआ है, तो उस की सीधी ज़िम्मेदारी मौजूद सरकार की ही बनती है।

सच कहूँ तो देश आज़ादी के बाद से ही भृष्ट नेताओं की ग्रिफ्त में रहा है। यही देश की त्रासदी है, और फ़िलहाल यकलख्त कुछ बदलने वाला नहीं है। वयक्ति विशेष को नहीं, भारत को व्यवस्था परिवर्तन और सोच में बदलाव की दरकार है। ग़रीब होना कोई  सद्गुण भी नहीं और अवगुण भी नहीं,  और अमीर होना भी,  न कोई बड़ी कामयाबी है और न ही कोई पाप।

हमें देश के प्रति अपनी भक्ति भावना को, ग़रीबी, अमीरी, जात-पात और निरर्थक  धार्मिक श्रद्धा से अलग हट कर केवल देश कल्याण और समाज कल्याण की रोशनी में देखना हो गा।।
📿तत्त सत्त श्री अकाल ⛩
⚔गुरु बलवन्त गुरुने ⚔

on those defending RELIGION.

©Whenever I have asked friends from different religions to revisit their own flaws, introspect and help their communities evolve, rather than doing the needful, they start justifying anything and everything in and about their religions.
Rather than revisiting their concepts, they start rationalizing all that they accepted as perfect and holy, not by any reason of logic but only by an accident of nature, that is their birth in one or another place or ideology.
Rather than enlightening themselves on esoteric and eternal truths of life, of universe and humanity, they start flashing the flawed torches of their religious conditioning handed over to them by their so called enlightened masters.
To be truly enlightened, we all need to learn about each other's religions and philosophies, but knowing them as their blind followers know them alone is not enlightenment. Enlightenment in fact is only possible when we have examined all the facets of a subject or object.
If all points put forward by a follower of any religion were perfectly true, there would not have been the need for any debate at all.
A staunch Muslim, a staunch Sikh, a fundamentalist Hindu or a dogmatic Christian always tries to build a case supporting his own religious beliefs and his religion as such, covering up its philosophical flaws and practices. A blind follower is unable to speak a word against the flaws of his faith because he or she has been conditioned to believe that his/her religion is perfect and to doubt it is a sin.
I for that matter believe that the very fact that new philosophies and religions keep emerging in our world is itself a proof that change is the only constant.
मिटा मिटा के जो दुनिया बनायी जाती है,
कोई कमी जरूर है जो पायी जाती है।
My argument should not be read as my allegiance to any religion or my aversion to another. I am an Omnist and an Atheist at the same time, but having walked through the lanes and by-lanes of all major religions, I can verily say that jurisprudence for women in any present major religion is flawed, other than Nanak's Sikhism and Buddha's Buddhism.
Sati and mistreatment of widows, for instance the mistreatment of Hindu widows of Vrindavan is practically treating women like cattle.
Women being treated as property of men in Islam, them being treated as war booty, as loot, गनीमत या लूट का माल, and then being treated like slaves to be resold after having fulfilled the carnal desires of one master to another are highly flawed concepts.
A woman rape victim in Islam has to bring at least four male witnesses to testify that she was raped, is highly abusive of women. Even otherwise, two female witnesses being equal to one male witness in the Islamic system of justice, is an absolute injustice to women.
Its Buddha's method or Nanak's method alone which brought both genders at par. Even Christianity accepted gender equality quite recently, but the myth that Eve is the cause of fall of mankind still sustains. Positive side of Christianity is that it opened its door to accept logic over dogma in the past few centuries, but that was not easy as it still suffers from many prejudices against women, like the paradox of the Eva/Ave palindrome.
In Nanak's method or Sikhism, the Singhnis and Singh's are equal in each and every way. सो क्यों मन्दा आखीऐ जिस जम्मे राजान.....(Why should women be condemned when they are the ones who give birth to kings and saints.)....is the core principle of treating women in Sikhism.
For highly evolved spiritualists, no religion is necessary, but for those who do feel the need to follow a particular one, they all must understand that, for any religion to grow and sustain, it not only needs to be positively interpreted but also be ready to evolve and grow to achieve maximum positivity.
Otherwise it can only sustain itself with the power of sword and herein the universal principle is, 'Those who stand by the sword do fall by it'.
Although the debate must continue, as if those who can talk, will stop talking, only status quo will sustain, and that is hatred and misunderstandings amongst the followers of different religions, in a distrustful and war torn world. May good sense prevail. ....Guru Balwant Gurunay.©all copyrights reserved.

Religions that don't evolve are DEADWOOD.

© Friends being a rationalist I often talk about and against fundamentalism in any religion or philosophy including Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam etc.
Sometimes people accept and appreciate the logic but some times they do get offended.
Most of those who get offended resort to an old trick. As a last resort they put up a counter argument that you (Guru Gurunay) not being a follower of our religion, and not having read our holy scriptures, your argument may be based on assumptions.
They say it assuming that I have Presented my argument based on partial browsing of their scriptures or having read its interpretations in lines here and there.
A similar incident happened recently where an old friend from Islam did not take kindly to my very polite observations about some of its extremly rude practices, like an absolute intolerance of other religions and its flawed concepts on women's jurisprudence.
The gentleman shot at me the same argument that firstly I am not a Muslim and secondly I have not read the Quran.
This is my answer to my Islamic friend and I am putting it here on record and for public scrutiny both.
I have read the Quran and it finds a place in my personal library along with Bhagvat Gita, Bible, Japji, other works of Nanak, Mahabharata and Yog-Vashisht, loads of Osho, JK and many more.
I have had detailed discussions on religions and other philosophical issues with learned murshids and scholars.
So do hold your guns before shooting from the hip on issues philosophical and theological as you are not dealing with a Gringo here but a hard core rational cowboy who has fought and lived through not one but many intellectual battles.
Now the matter in hand.......
Truly speaking, nothing matters, either my argument based on logic ........that all religions have inherent flaws and they need to evolve ..........or your argument based on faith alone ........that there in fact are heavens in the skies etc etc and Rasool was the last and perfect prophet or whether Hindu gods actually had four hands or not etc etc.
What matters at the end is whether the out come of an idea concept or ideology is Just and productive for society or not.
Every religion is founded to bring justice peace and order to society. If rather than that it serves as an instrument of adding chaos to society its of no use.
As far as justifying any concept or plan on basis of unique circumstances that prevailed when a concept was founded or a plan made... is no excuse at all for executing it ditto in the present set of circumstances.
Any insistence on sticking to past logic and traditions of a religion to justify its present is the first sign of it being obsolete and spent.
Two cardinal benchmarks must be applied while judging a religion.
1. If followers of any religion are unable to evolve, as in their faith is unable to evolve to present times, and if they depend for any and every thing they refer to on suunnat....or tradition as they say.... that too a tradition set 1500 years ago, there is some thing seriously wrong.
Going strictly by that you should not be using a car, but riding a camel, you should only be eating dates for breakfast and not bread and omelette. You should not be wearing jeans as that way you follow the sunnat of Clint Eastwood rather than your prophet. You should not be living in high rise buildings but tents, or to top it all you should not be in India, Europe or America at all.
Well going by pure tradition, you should only be living in the desert of Arabia. Even the Sahara and Thar desert dwelling is not as per sunnat strictly because Rasool never lived here.
2. If a religion even after 1500 years of having been found has to resort to violence, sword and gun politics, just to be heard, it is basically flawed.
The problem with some muslim brothers is that they always mistake courteous silence of their other faith friends as either acceptance of their ideology and logic or simply as a hint of intimidation.
Many people born in Islam had outgrown this fixated mind set a long time back.
Baba Fareed, Baba Bullehshah, Baba Hashmat shah, Amir Khusro sahib, and many more great saints, PBUT are just few of them. Then a great King like Akbar who many fools think was an illiterate but was in fact a very well self taught and awakened man fully denounced Islam and founded Deen E Ilahi, to substitute Islam with in India.
So the fact remains that the key is not to silence dissent by beheading or murdering the questioning voices but answer them with logic and if all that you have is references from a dead past, then gracefully accept it and move forward rather than roll a Civilization back in to dark ages.
As far as the young pigeons on chessboard are concerned, they are free to strut around. Inexperience is forgivable and as we all know its no use arguing with idiots. .............Guru Balwant Gurunay.

On Sex and Spirituality.............. Guru Gurunay.

                                            Many people read a bit of Sigmund Freud or some new age spiritualists like Osho, and start thinking of them as psychologists or gurus who advocated free and unrestricted sexual indulgence.  Some move ahead to use their theories or teachings as an excuse to have unhindered and dangerous sexual liaisons.

                                       Some of my students have often asked me whether sex is a sin or a virtue and does it have any other role to play in our lives, over and above reproduction ? Can we realise divinity via sex, which otherwise is such a taboo word in our society ?  Is their any prudent pragmatism to it or is it another self deceiving paradox ?
                                       Well, sex is a way to realize 'self', 'divinity' or 'God' , but only if handled very very responsibly. In the animal kingdom it is just a way to continue the species but in humans alone it also works as an expression of love. This does not mean all sex is love or all love is sex alone.

                                         So please do not misunderstand 'Sambogh se Samadhi' as if it were a handbook  on spiritual realization via Sex, as if it were a work advocating sex as the only gate to certain or assured realisation. It  happens to be one of the many methods, a dangerous path,  other safer methods being, Self study. Sadhu sangat, Sat sangat,  dance, music, 'Self Contemplation/Chintan', 'Discussion/Charcha/Zikar' or even silence. Also remember that, for self realization, none of the ways above work as a substitute for each other. They all compliment each other, but only if used using the most uncommon sense, called common sense.

                                         Yes, Sex is one of the ways to realize the great natural energies lying dormant in our body, the body which is nothing but physical manifestation of our mind and our spirit. It is highly acknowledged in the Tantric yogic techniques but it is one of the most dangerous, misleading, misinterpreted and misused methods.

                                         To turn it into a truly effective tool of sadhna, partners must be evolved and matured in ways of using this instrument/technique for a purpose higher then physical gratification alone.  Both the partners , I repeat both the partners must be matured enough to understand the concepts of human dignity, mutual respect, morality, ethics and law.

                                          If someone wants to use sex as an instrument for saadhna, saadhaks have to be aware of the pitfalls of attachment, trying to control the other person,  or lose all self control as well as watch out for pitfalls such as carelessness about matters related to body-health, body safety,  mind-health, mind-safety and Social health and social safety. Also the minds involved should be pure bodies clean and the act natural.

                                         Anyone stepping in to this field with half baked knowledge or simply as a cover-up for simple physical or carnal satiation alone finds himself/herself in deep slush of confused values and morality.

                                         It is worth mentioning here that youngsters must not forget that sex is one of the biggest motives for crime in human society, the other two being real estate and money. So any one posing to be knowing sex as a method, or having gained any substantial insight into spirituality via sex,  must be handled with caution as he/she could  just be using spirituality as a facade.

                                         Many social groups posing to be mentally evolved communes, or lifestyle  clubs, could in fact be using an ideology or lifestyle facade, simply to mask the hidden intent or motive,  which could be sex, crime or drugs. Whenever you see a group of people bonding together thicker than usual, do look for  bonding motives carefully.  It is extremely easy to figure things out if you keep your eyes and ears open.

                                         Such groups cast a net to attract new members by putting on a mask of gentle behaviour, happy environment and  a broad minded openness, spirituality or some social cause like education or social service etc etc,. Their  actual intentions are verily  being that of finding new partners for sex, group sex, unnatural sex or drugs etc. Be careful as you move around in their spiritual realms, unwinding yourself,  as you may also be running the risk of being filmed by them in your lose moments and such videos later being to blackmail you or the gullible victim.

                                          Some youngsters enter into sexual relations just for a kick or for sheer adventurism. They often end up creating misadventures for themselves and others. To sum it up, I would like to say that sex, is not just a physical issue for us humans. It is an issue, related to, and resulting  in  many emotional and spiritual consequences, strong enough to uplift a person physically, mentally and spiritually or else, equally strong and capable of totally destroying  a person.

                                               Last but not the least, prudence and pragmatism are as important in matters here as elsewhere in human life. The answer to the last query, if sex is a paradox ? Well yes, sex is a paradox for those who indulge in it irresponsibly,  never ever trying to fully understand this subject and barge in to this quagmire as if it were a jacuzzi tub,  but a simple equation for those who take time out to understand it before stepping in to it.
...OM Tat Sat....
... Guru Gurunay aka Basho aka Poet Balwant Gurunay...