on those defending RELIGION.

©Whenever I have asked friends from different religions to revisit their own flaws, introspect and help their communities evolve, rather than doing the needful, they start justifying anything and everything in and about their religions.
Rather than revisiting their concepts, they start rationalizing all that they accepted as perfect and holy, not by any reason of logic but only by an accident of nature, that is their birth in one or another place or ideology.
Rather than enlightening themselves on esoteric and eternal truths of life, of universe and humanity, they start flashing the flawed torches of their religious conditioning handed over to them by their so called enlightened masters.
To be truly enlightened, we all need to learn about each other's religions and philosophies, but knowing them as their blind followers know them alone is not enlightenment. Enlightenment in fact is only possible when we have examined all the facets of a subject or object.
If all points put forward by a follower of any religion were perfectly true, there would not have been the need for any debate at all.
A staunch Muslim, a staunch Sikh, a fundamentalist Hindu or a dogmatic Christian always tries to build a case supporting his own religious beliefs and his religion as such, covering up its philosophical flaws and practices. A blind follower is unable to speak a word against the flaws of his faith because he or she has been conditioned to believe that his/her religion is perfect and to doubt it is a sin.
I for that matter believe that the very fact that new philosophies and religions keep emerging in our world is itself a proof that change is the only constant.
मिटा मिटा के जो दुनिया बनायी जाती है,
कोई कमी जरूर है जो पायी जाती है।
My argument should not be read as my allegiance to any religion or my aversion to another. I am an Omnist and an Atheist at the same time, but having walked through the lanes and by-lanes of all major religions, I can verily say that jurisprudence for women in any present major religion is flawed, other than Nanak's Sikhism and Buddha's Buddhism.
Sati and mistreatment of widows, for instance the mistreatment of Hindu widows of Vrindavan is practically treating women like cattle.
Women being treated as property of men in Islam, them being treated as war booty, as loot, गनीमत या लूट का माल, and then being treated like slaves to be resold after having fulfilled the carnal desires of one master to another are highly flawed concepts.
A woman rape victim in Islam has to bring at least four male witnesses to testify that she was raped, is highly abusive of women. Even otherwise, two female witnesses being equal to one male witness in the Islamic system of justice, is an absolute injustice to women.
Its Buddha's method or Nanak's method alone which brought both genders at par. Even Christianity accepted gender equality quite recently, but the myth that Eve is the cause of fall of mankind still sustains. Positive side of Christianity is that it opened its door to accept logic over dogma in the past few centuries, but that was not easy as it still suffers from many prejudices against women, like the paradox of the Eva/Ave palindrome.
In Nanak's method or Sikhism, the Singhnis and Singh's are equal in each and every way. सो क्यों मन्दा आखीऐ जिस जम्मे राजान.....(Why should women be condemned when they are the ones who give birth to kings and saints.)....is the core principle of treating women in Sikhism.
For highly evolved spiritualists, no religion is necessary, but for those who do feel the need to follow a particular one, they all must understand that, for any religion to grow and sustain, it not only needs to be positively interpreted but also be ready to evolve and grow to achieve maximum positivity.
Otherwise it can only sustain itself with the power of sword and herein the universal principle is, 'Those who stand by the sword do fall by it'.
Although the debate must continue, as if those who can talk, will stop talking, only status quo will sustain, and that is hatred and misunderstandings amongst the followers of different religions, in a distrustful and war torn world. May good sense prevail. ....Guru Balwant Gurunay.©all copyrights reserved.

Religions that don't evolve are DEADWOOD.

© Friends being a rationalist I often talk about and against fundamentalism in any religion or philosophy including Sikhism, Hinduism and Islam etc.
Sometimes people accept and appreciate the logic but some times they do get offended.
Most of those who get offended resort to an old trick. As a last resort they put up a counter argument that you (Guru Gurunay) not being a follower of our religion, and not having read our holy scriptures, your argument may be based on assumptions.
They say it assuming that I have Presented my argument based on partial browsing of their scriptures or having read its interpretations in lines here and there.
A similar incident happened recently where an old friend from Islam did not take kindly to my very polite observations about some of its extremly rude practices, like an absolute intolerance of other religions and its flawed concepts on women's jurisprudence.
The gentleman shot at me the same argument that firstly I am not a Muslim and secondly I have not read the Quran.
This is my answer to my Islamic friend and I am putting it here on record and for public scrutiny both.
I have read the Quran and it finds a place in my personal library along with Bhagvat Gita, Bible, Japji, other works of Nanak, Mahabharata and Yog-Vashisht, loads of Osho, JK and many more.
I have had detailed discussions on religions and other philosophical issues with learned murshids and scholars.
So do hold your guns before shooting from the hip on issues philosophical and theological as you are not dealing with a Gringo here but a hard core rational cowboy who has fought and lived through not one but many intellectual battles.
Now the matter in hand.......
Truly speaking, nothing matters, either my argument based on logic ........that all religions have inherent flaws and they need to evolve ..........or your argument based on faith alone ........that there in fact are heavens in the skies etc etc and Rasool was the last and perfect prophet or whether Hindu gods actually had four hands or not etc etc.
What matters at the end is whether the out come of an idea concept or ideology is Just and productive for society or not.
Every religion is founded to bring justice peace and order to society. If rather than that it serves as an instrument of adding chaos to society its of no use.
As far as justifying any concept or plan on basis of unique circumstances that prevailed when a concept was founded or a plan made... is no excuse at all for executing it ditto in the present set of circumstances.
Any insistence on sticking to past logic and traditions of a religion to justify its present is the first sign of it being obsolete and spent.
Two cardinal benchmarks must be applied while judging a religion.
1. If followers of any religion are unable to evolve, as in their faith is unable to evolve to present times, and if they depend for any and every thing they refer to on suunnat....or tradition as they say.... that too a tradition set 1500 years ago, there is some thing seriously wrong.
Going strictly by that you should not be using a car, but riding a camel, you should only be eating dates for breakfast and not bread and omelette. You should not be wearing jeans as that way you follow the sunnat of Clint Eastwood rather than your prophet. You should not be living in high rise buildings but tents, or to top it all you should not be in India, Europe or America at all.
Well going by pure tradition, you should only be living in the desert of Arabia. Even the Sahara and Thar desert dwelling is not as per sunnat strictly because Rasool never lived here.
2. If a religion even after 1500 years of having been found has to resort to violence, sword and gun politics, just to be heard, it is basically flawed.
The problem with some muslim brothers is that they always mistake courteous silence of their other faith friends as either acceptance of their ideology and logic or simply as a hint of intimidation.
Many people born in Islam had outgrown this fixated mind set a long time back.
Baba Fareed, Baba Bullehshah, Baba Hashmat shah, Amir Khusro sahib, and many more great saints, PBUT are just few of them. Then a great King like Akbar who many fools think was an illiterate but was in fact a very well self taught and awakened man fully denounced Islam and founded Deen E Ilahi, to substitute Islam with in India.
So the fact remains that the key is not to silence dissent by beheading or murdering the questioning voices but answer them with logic and if all that you have is references from a dead past, then gracefully accept it and move forward rather than roll a Civilization back in to dark ages.
As far as the young pigeons on chessboard are concerned, they are free to strut around. Inexperience is forgivable and as we all know its no use arguing with idiots. .............Guru Balwant Gurunay.

On Sex and Spirituality.............. Guru Gurunay.

                                            Many people read a bit of Sigmund Freud or some new age spiritualists like Osho, and start thinking of them as psychologists or gurus who advocated free and unrestricted sexual indulgence.  Some move ahead to use their theories or teachings as an excuse to have unhindered and dangerous sexual liaisons.

                                       Some of my students have often asked me whether sex is a sin or a virtue and does it have any other role to play in our lives, over and above reproduction ? Can we realise divinity via sex, which otherwise is such a taboo word in our society ?  Is their any prudent pragmatism to it or is it another self deceiving paradox ?
                                       Well, sex is a way to realize 'self', 'divinity' or 'God' , but only if handled very very responsibly. In the animal kingdom it is just a way to continue the species but in humans alone it also works as an expression of love. This does not mean all sex is love or all love is sex alone.

                                         So please do not misunderstand 'Sambogh se Samadhi' as if it were a handbook  on spiritual realization via Sex, as if it were a work advocating sex as the only gate to certain or assured realisation. It  happens to be one of the many methods, a dangerous path,  other safer methods being, Self study. Sadhu sangat, Sat sangat,  dance, music, 'Self Contemplation/Chintan', 'Discussion/Charcha/Zikar' or even silence. Also remember that, for self realization, none of the ways above work as a substitute for each other. They all compliment each other, but only if used using the most uncommon sense, called common sense.

                                         Yes, Sex is one of the ways to realize the great natural energies lying dormant in our body, the body which is nothing but physical manifestation of our mind and our spirit. It is highly acknowledged in the Tantric yogic techniques but it is one of the most dangerous, misleading, misinterpreted and misused methods.

                                         To turn it into a truly effective tool of sadhna, partners must be evolved and matured in ways of using this instrument/technique for a purpose higher then physical gratification alone.  Both the partners , I repeat both the partners must be matured enough to understand the concepts of human dignity, mutual respect, morality, ethics and law.

                                          If someone wants to use sex as an instrument for saadhna, saadhaks have to be aware of the pitfalls of attachment, trying to control the other person,  or lose all self control as well as watch out for pitfalls such as carelessness about matters related to body-health, body safety,  mind-health, mind-safety and Social health and social safety. Also the minds involved should be pure bodies clean and the act natural.

                                         Anyone stepping in to this field with half baked knowledge or simply as a cover-up for simple physical or carnal satiation alone finds himself/herself in deep slush of confused values and morality.

                                         It is worth mentioning here that youngsters must not forget that sex is one of the biggest motives for crime in human society, the other two being real estate and money. So any one posing to be knowing sex as a method, or having gained any substantial insight into spirituality via sex,  must be handled with caution as he/she could  just be using spirituality as a facade.

                                         Many social groups posing to be mentally evolved communes, or lifestyle  clubs, could in fact be using an ideology or lifestyle facade, simply to mask the hidden intent or motive,  which could be sex, crime or drugs. Whenever you see a group of people bonding together thicker than usual, do look for  bonding motives carefully.  It is extremely easy to figure things out if you keep your eyes and ears open.

                                         Such groups cast a net to attract new members by putting on a mask of gentle behaviour, happy environment and  a broad minded openness, spirituality or some social cause like education or social service etc etc,. Their  actual intentions are verily  being that of finding new partners for sex, group sex, unnatural sex or drugs etc. Be careful as you move around in their spiritual realms, unwinding yourself,  as you may also be running the risk of being filmed by them in your lose moments and such videos later being to blackmail you or the gullible victim.

                                          Some youngsters enter into sexual relations just for a kick or for sheer adventurism. They often end up creating misadventures for themselves and others. To sum it up, I would like to say that sex, is not just a physical issue for us humans. It is an issue, related to, and resulting  in  many emotional and spiritual consequences, strong enough to uplift a person physically, mentally and spiritually or else, equally strong and capable of totally destroying  a person.

                                               Last but not the least, prudence and pragmatism are as important in matters here as elsewhere in human life. The answer to the last query, if sex is a paradox ? Well yes, sex is a paradox for those who indulge in it irresponsibly,  never ever trying to fully understand this subject and barge in to this quagmire as if it were a jacuzzi tub,  but a simple equation for those who take time out to understand it before stepping in to it.
...OM Tat Sat....
... Guru Gurunay aka Basho aka Poet Balwant Gurunay...

Of Gurus, Guru Maas and our Stupid Beliefs

                               ...Please read it, enjoy it and leave your comments...                                                          
                                            One of the latest God men controversies, doing the rounds in social media, and being used by many channels to create sensationalism for added TRP is,  Radhe Maa.  After the recent Bapu Asaram scandal, the MSG controversy and Sant Rampal @ Satlok Ashram, here is a fresh one being brewed up, by our so called social and moral vigilante, who are more concerned about this lady called 'Radhe Maa' wearing a short dress, rather than being concerned, about hundreds of political and corruption scandals and blatant crimes against women rocking India, day in and day out. What surprises me, is that how stupid we Indians are, being concerned about what a small time non entity lady guru wears or how she dances with her followers, as if it really makes a difference. In fact the socio psychological reasons for this are the India's ordinary masses being obsessive compulsively involved with Religion God, and Superstition. TV channels play up to our middle and upper middle classes who thirst for sensationalism, sex, scandal, melodrama and crime.  

                                             I am amazed at the double standards and hypocrisy prevailing in our society. I am amazed to see people worshiping stone Penises and stone vaginas but despise the living. I am amazed to observe people pour millions of liters of milk on stone Shivlings in hope of some divine protection or blessings. People go about washing temples and Gurudwara floors with milk, rather than letting the calves or poor children drink that milk. I am amazed to see people believe that putting sindur (vermillion) on Kamakhaya devi's stone vagina is holy. They go about smearing stone vaginas of this goddess with sindur, as a symbol of her menstrual blood, but consider their own women, going thru this natural process unholy. They put their own sisters, mothers and wives, the real women they live with, in separate quarters or even animal quarters, during their menstrual cycles. These are the people who want to hound a living woman for kissing her disciples, and for allowing her disciples to hug her, as if it is the greatest of crimes.  Wake up India. If you dance around a statue of stone, that stone becomes a Goddess but if a living woman starts dancing with her devotees/friends/followers/Lovers/ admirers/ or just plain suckers,  she becomes a corrupt woman. ROFL.

                                         I am amazed that India of 21st century continues to believe in, Jadu Tona or black magic. In the state of Maharashtra we even have a law to handle this, a modern witch hunt tool. People still stop in their tracks, if someone sneezes, or you will often see them changing their route, if a black cat was to cut their path. India still believes that some stupid tantrik can have power over their life and death, and give them charms potent enough to ward off evil, or attract good fortune, or ward off enemies and even kill them by remote means. LOL.   I have seen some highly educated and well placed countrymen thronging these tantriks. There have been Television reports of people feeding all kinds of funny things including human urine or animal dung to other people in order to  control their behaviour, making it favourable to oneself and unfavourable to another. Child sacrifice, to ward of bad times, or raping a virgin, to cure impotence, are not things of the past. Even today such incidents are often reported in media and police records. All this is still prevalent because of the greedy, Insecure and foolish masses who are responsible for turning simple outright frauds and simple road side tricksters in to Godmen. This is the result of stupid and foolish beliefs and shallow moral values. 

                                                  As far as religious and spiritual fraudsters fooling the public is concerned, it is a simple case of 'Demand and Supply'. As long as fools are available to be used, misused or abused, someone or the other will make himself or herself available, to do the honors. LOL.  Some people are raising a hue and cry, about this lady named Radhe Maa claiming that goddess durga speaks through her. They find this blasphemous. They are forgetting that in almost every hindu temple there is a priest, who claims that the temple deity (a god or a goddess) speaks it's mind through him. In hills these priests are called Goors. Radhe maa in this case is simply following, or taking advantage of a well established belief system in the Indian masses. Thus rather than blaming her alone, do we not need to introspect our own ill founded and superstitious beliefs? I am surprised as to how people can believe that their local soothsayers can be possessed by their multi headed, multi Armed, elephant headed, miracle performing gods and goddesses they worship. I am surprised as to how people can,  in the first place believe in the existence of such gods and end up sacrificing thousands of animals to them. According to them they do so because they have their divinely revealed scriptures, to prove the existence of these gods and goddesses. I'll come to that later, but for now, also according to these folks, If any woman or man claims to be a Devi or Devta, a god or a goddess, he or she should perform some miracle to prove that claim. In other words, if someone can produce a watch from thin air, or produce a pre-swallowed golden egg, as if he is laying an egg from his mouth, he qualifies to be a god. LOL. The major objection of these 'holier-than-thou' men and women of religion to this 'latest controversial sadhvi' is her gross makeup, her western dress and her dancing, with folks who throng her. Nobody seems to be concerned about the legal trespasses by her, if any.  This is what is extremely funny to rationalists and humanists.
                                                       My questions to these hyper religious folks are, Why raise questions on, what a saadhvi / guru / spiritualist / or just another imposter wears? Why bother whether she dances or not? Why worry about whether she kisses or hugs her friends/devotees/spectators or plain 'Tamasha Viewers'?  After all she is in the oldest showbiz on earth, namely religion, and then, she too is a human, who seeks and gives Love. Who are we to decide ‘when, why and whom' she kisses, hugs or dances with? 

                                                      Our society's judging her over such trivial issues is the result of our misplaced values about sexuality and holiness.  This is the reason why fake babas who portray a "so called pious:" image, go about sodomising innocent little boys and raping little girls in our society.  Normal, healthy humans as per you folks cannot be spiritual. For you, a spiritualist is one who stitches up her vagina or ties up his penis with a steel chain and hangs a few bricks to it. For you spiritualism can be established by simply being a vegetarian or a miktarian. Many peoples claim to their spirituality is that they only eat boiled potatoes or 7 days old dry chapatis. 'Frigidity and Impotence', that is what morality for you folks is.  For many folks OSHO was a pervert, but today I fail to find a single bookshop in India and abroad where Osho does not occupy the place of pride on its bookshelves as well as in people’s minds. Please rise above your stupid morality and let a person eat drink wear and live the way he or she wishes to. No one has the right to call anyone obscene just for wearing a mini dress and long boots. How about Babas painting Haridwar red in their birthday suits? LOL.

                                                      As far as your Vedas and Scriptures being a divine proof of the existence of your gods and goddesses is concerned, let me boldly state that, there is nothing divine about any scripture of any religion. All scriptures were written by humans and not by some angels from the skies. If your vedas are not the product of human mind,  centuries ago, than I think the muslim claim that their holy book has come straight from Allah, by a divinely intervening angel, should also be true. A holy ghost having impregnated Virgin Mary must also be true. All this is manmade stuff, to ensure that, the opium of religion works. For the masses sedation is more important than logic, because thinking truly hurts, and in any case zombies are not supposed to think. Talking about Hindu holy books, we all know that Gita is a work within a work called Mahabharata, written by Maharishi Ved Vyas.  Lord krishna is a characters in the book. He is in fact a creation of Maharishi Ved Vyas ji, Thus Bhagavad Gita in fact is Maharishi Ved Vyasa Gita, and Krishna in fact is, nothing more than Maharishi Ved Vyas Ji's Mouthpiece, a larger than life character of Mahabharata representing an intellectual balance and clear thinking.  Same goes for Ramayana, Authored by Maharishi Valmiki ji,  in which Ram, Lakshman, Hanuman, Sita and all are larger than life characters, representing ideally desirable human traits.  Going by your formula of the divine origin of scriptures, some sikhs claiming SGGS to be a divine revelation should also be believed, where as we all know that all these are works of enlightened souls.  We know that the truth about Shri Guru granth Sahib is that it was first compiled by the fifth Sikh guru, Guru Arjan Dev (1563–1606), from hymns of the first five Sikh gurus and 15 other great saints, or bhagats from both Hindu and Muslim faiths. Guru Gobind Singh Ji, the tenth Sikh guru, added all 115 of Guru Tegh Bahadur Ji's hymns to the Adi Granth, and this second rendition became known as Guru Granth Sahib Ji. So all scriptures come from evolved minds and souls.....rather than some divine holes.....  in the sky, as it is made up to be, by the clever priestly class.

                                               Our Vedas are works of humans. The so called mythological gods mentioned in them are metaphors for nature's powerful elements and spiritual concepts. It all is mere symbolism and there is no spiritual power in any of these idols or temples. Had this not been true,  the Pilgrims going for darshan of these stone idols in stone temples, would never have met with an accident, why mention scores of them dying tragic deaths  in such SUPPOSEDLY HOLY journeys every year. The Kedarnath tragedy would never have happened in the first place. How could Shiva who holds the Ganges in his hair not hold a cloud burst? :D  The fact is that the hair of Shiva represent The great Shivalik ranges making the catchment area of river Ganges, hence the name Shivaliks...'The hair locks of Shiva'.

                                               So it is beyond doubt that there is no spiritual power in idols or idolised holy books of any religion. Idols are only to remind you of ideals for which the person or concept represented by them stood. Holy books also are to be read and not worshiped. There are very few people who understand the ideals behind the idols and live up to them. Most of them chose to worship them instead. The priestly classes encourage this and run the whole show as a business. Same is true about holy books. They are to be read and understood, to know the esoteric concepts and truths written in them, rather than being treated as objects of worship. It is absolutely foolish when people rather than reading these holy books and carrying the concepts within their heads, go around carrying them upon their heads, because it is easier to do so......Isn't it so ?  

                                                 As far as realising 'God', 'Self', 'Ultimate Truth', 'Absolute Inner Harmony' 'The great Peace' is concerned, it can only be done, when rather than thronging thousands of places of worship of false gods and false deities, one learns to be with one's own silence, and contemplate within. God can be realised by realising the vastness of our universe outside as well as within one's heart. God can be realised and experienced by getting focused on one's core existence and being  free from the cage of one's ego. The way to this is via yogic or other transcendental practices including sitting silent, contemplating on the great beauties and marvels of nature,  dancing, singing (For example Bhajan, Kirtan, Qawaali etc.) and some other tools of this game.
                                               Let me point out here that these tools are not means to please any God in heavens, but to find inner emotional happiness, which resides within you, the God within you, the God that is YOU. This is something so precious that, you only can find. No one else can give You to You....isn't it ?  This can only be facilitated by a genuine Guide, Master, Murshid or Guru. Let me point out here that those who seek some kind of magical powers in a Guru are the fools who force even a genuine Guide or Guru to play up to their tune just to humor them.A genuine Guru is all about esoteric wisdom, intelligence, patience, deep knowledge of the subjects he commands and above all compassion. A guru is a companion, a guide, a philosopher, a facilitator and not a miracle maker. 

                                              Thus dear friends, your asking this lady to show some miracle to prove that she is supposedly divine is outrageously funny? I know a very rich and very famous Baba who died recently. He was famous for his miracles, like producing ashes from his hand, producing jewellery and watches from thin air, which in my opinion any trained magician could have done better than him. His claim to fame as a spiritualist started with miracles, but none of these so called miracles stood good with people like me. He was simply an illusionist, a huge event manager and a glib talker, who amassed a huge amount of wealth and political clout, by showing his roadside magic to some gullible fools, who in turn went all over the country proclaiming him to be God. Rest of the job was in fact taken care of by his well paid managers, living a luxurious life at the cost of devotees.                                                  To begin with, the very expectation that a miracle is the key criteria for being divine, is something extremely foolish and unfounded. This attitude of the masses is responsible for making GODMEN out of ILLUSIONISTS.  Going by this, to be a Guru, all that one needs to be is a road side madari, rather than being a prudent, rational and contemplating thinker.  If to prove a point all that it takes is a miracle, come to me and I will show you one. Let us go a step further. To see a miracle in your own house, just look in to the mirror, thinking about what I just said, carry out some introspection, and you will see a miracle happening in the mirror, an idiot evolving into a wise person in a matter of seconds. :D :D :D :D :D  

                                                  So rise above your Vedas, Your Gods and Your scriptures. If other than being pure vehicles of ethical and moral messages, they had any miraculous or supernatural power in them, the earth already would have been free of all sin and violence. Undoubtedly, if the lady is found guilty on account of any illegal activity,  the long arm of law should, and I assure you it will get her sooner or later, but Rise Above your Holy Bullshit………    and stop defining others as per your idea of holiness or spirituality.

                                                  LET ME ADD here that the issue of discussion of my post is not at all to advocate in any way, or to speak in favour of, or against, Gurus or Gurumaas, who are available in india, a dime a dozen. It is also not my endeavour, to certify them as crude, sophisticated, chic or gross. I am also not going to judge, whether they qualify, to be who they are, or who they pose to be. I leave this to the wisdom, faith or blind faith of their followers or critics.  My aim is to highlight every body's right to their individuality, No one has the right, to decide the other person's morality, on basis of language, food, dress, lifestyles etc, till it trespasses, over our legal rights, as social beings. In light of this, a woman, even if bearing the halo of spirituality, or so to say bearing its burden, cannot be criticised, for a way of life, deemed fit or unfit by others. If the Monks, of many sects in Hinduism and Jainism, can go about naked in the society, with their 'ding dongs' hanging around for all to see, any spiritual or non spiritual; woman or man, is well within her/his right, to wear what she/he likes. Period. It is for her/him to decide as to how she/he wants to live her/his life, and not for others to dictate. BUT and a big BUT, no one has the right to further superstitious beliefs simply to fool and exploit the semi uneducated or the gullible society by using any means including religious beliefs or taboos. A Guru or teacher's mission should be to enlighten people and to guide them towards living a better life by making better life choices and not to embroil them in baseless, unfounded and uncalled for beliefs simply to control their lives and money by boosting their fears and anxieties about life and its unavoidable troubles and pain. 

                                                    ..............................................................................Om Tat Sat.................
                                                    ...........................................................Ahm Brahm Asmi, Tat Tvam Asmi.                                                      ...............................................Poet Balwant Gurunay aka Guru Gurunay.

How and why the British came to use religion as an instrument of command and control in India

How and why did the British come to use religion  as an instrument of command and control in India and divide and rule as their policy here. Why did they make religion not only the central peg of their new found policy but also an instrument of command and control? Why and how did the Indian Politician start thinking that India is his ancestral property?
 Here is a brief but precise take by me..............
                                    Very few people can have the courage to accept acknowledge and respect it but the truth is that before 1857, British loved and patronized loyalty, valor, chivalry, character, grit, determination etc etc, as the most desirable qualities in their native associates. Mangal Pandey and people like him represented all this and were the hot favorites of British Officers and their masters. But during and after the uprising of 1857 popularly known as Sepoy Mutiny, the British realized that Indians are more loyal to their religious values rather than to their masters or nations, (More than 550 nation states existed on Indian Subcontinent in those days ruled by different Rajas or Nawabs.)

                                        After 1857, the British decided to use an Indian native's loyalty towards his religion as the instrument of dispersing, any and all disillusionment that the native could have towards his British officers. That is when a new policy to administer Indian troops and India at large was devised.

                                      British made it a well established policy where all people with loyalty, valor, chivalry, character, grit, determination etc etc, were recruited into Native British army commanded by directly appointed young british officers called the commissioned officers who commanded the troops via native troop commanders or platoon commanders risen from amongst the ranks called junior commissioned officers. British encouraged their troops to uphold their respective religious symbols and ensured a strict adherence to them in name of discipline and loyalty.  Most of the native lot came from poor illiterate rural India which was vast in its expanse.  On the other hand people with similar qualities like loyalty, valor, chivalry, character, grit, determination etc, but literate and aware, namely Bhagat Singh CS Azad, Raj Guru, Bismil and their likes were finished off. Most of this lot came from the then Indian Middle class which was very less in numbers. 

                                     The British made sure that the symbols of religion are glorified beyond a rational point and by building an irrational commitment to those symbols over and above mutual brotherhood, they encouraged and exploited to their best advantage the devotion that Indians had for their respective religions. The modus operandi was to ask the loyalty from native troop's to their immediate command by masking it as loyalty for their respective religions.

                                      Sikhs became their loyal followers. This was a direct result of a culture where religion and its symbols were deliberately elevated to build a fulcrum around which an army battalion's life would rotate. So much so that a paltan on march would carry SGGS ji on its head where ever it went, even in war. Similarly a hindu Paltan would carry Thakur Ji or Devi Maa etc etc. Temple, Gurdwara and Masjid 'parade' [Official praying Session.] became a well established tradition. Every British commanding officer made sure that he and his officers attended the temple parade as per the strict orders and norms laid out by  policy makers. Even if a British Officer failed to Salute SGGS ji, or rise from his chair,  he would be punished or even suspended. Thus respect for their respective religions by Muslims, Hindus, Sikhs and all was encouraged amongst the troops and exploited to the hilt by the British to their own best advantage.

                                   For their civilian set up the British encouraged the sly calculative cowardly brown-nosers to come forward and serve them to the extent of pimping for them. A well thought out importance started being given to sly, scheming, well read, British educated, calculative and manipulative class of Indians who later emerged as leaders of Masses with support of the then British Media. Tragedy of India is when British left they made sure the country gets divided on Hindu Muslim basis, the army  gets divided on similar basis,...... and the civilian setups of both India and Pakistan get passed on to sly pimps who continued the policy of religious and class divide in India to rule it and pass it to their next generation, as if India and it's political set up is their ancestral property. 

.                                                       ...Poet balwant gurunay...

B.B.C documentary On Nirbhayaa ‎India's Daughter‬.

In an interview for B.B.C documentary, ‪#‎IndiasDaughter‬ , Mukesh, one of the six rapists and murders of Nirbhayaa, made some spine chilling comments, baring the ugly and sick side of Male Indian upbringing.
This may not be true for all Indians but it has certainly exposed the worms living in India's gutters called slums. These slums are kept alive by 'dirtier than these slums' politicians on false promises of rehabilitation by various political parties.
Metro slums are not not only a huge vote bank for political parties but also a solid breeding ground for crime and criminals. All Nirbhyaa aka Jyoti pandey's rapists and killers came from this back ground.
I dont intend to say that there is no crime taking place in the upper echelons of society, but presence of huge underprivileged population in these slums, even outnumbering the original population of the city, creates a intellectual and lifestyle class divide, that badly imbalances the social equilibrium of Indian metros.
This socio cultural threat needs immediate introspection and redressal by the government. Massive educational and PR initiatives need to be carried out in these areas for gender sensitisation.
I have been forced to write this as I was one of the first few to watch this documentary on YouTube before it got banned ripped off the social media.
Words of one of the main criminals, Mukesh who took turns at the victim while taking turns at driving the bus in which the victim was raped and killed, are more than shocking. He said in an interview for the documentary ,.................
“You can not clap with one hand – it takes two hands to clap"
As if Nirbhayaa invited these bastards to rape her.......
He further said,"A decent girl will not roam around at 9 o’clock at night."
..................as if the son of a bitch has got a license to certify what is decent and what is indecent for a girl. The lowly criminal is talking as if he has the right not only to judge who is a decent or an indecent girl but also has a divine authority to go about rapeng those whom he preciebves as indecent girls. (He should be handed over to 6 high on drugs criminal minded gay tops who sodomise him and cut him at places, bite his body all over, shove an iron rod up his bottom and then pull his intestines out by shoving their hands up his bottom, so as the bastard realises what he and his friends have done to the victim.)
" A girl" he said, " is far more responsible for rape than a boy. Boys and girls are not equal. Housework and housekeeping is for girls, not going to discos or bars. About 20 per cent of girls are good”, Said he.
This son of a bitch went on to blame Jyoti aka Nirbhyaa even for resisting rape and fighting back. Villain further observed without a single sign of remorse that "If Nirbhayaa had been silent and allowed the rape, they would have dropped her off after ‘doing her’ and only hit the boy".
As per him he was driving the bus when the juvenile put his hand in her and pulled out something. It was her intestines. The girl was screaming, ‘Help me, help me.’ …We dragged her to the front of the bus and threw her out.”
I wonder how some people still feel that these criminals who have confessed on camera of raping and killing an innocent girl should be spared death and rather rehabilitated.
My experience in the forces and private investigations tells me that this must not have been the first crime of these criminals. All the gang members were well known to each other and the method applied was well established. They must have raped some other victims as well who out of fear may never come out of the closet.
Otherwise why would a school bus driver and his friends from his locality go driving around in a school bus at night high on drinks. They were certainly hunting for a fresh victim and unluckily it happened to be Nirbhayaa that night. Their bold ways are clear from the fact that they had the courage to mess up with a girl accompanied by a male friend. It was not written on their face whether they were a brother or a sister or just friends. Such courage is only possible if the criminals are used to a pattern in their crime.
Their being hardened criminals is also clear from the fact that two of them cooly pocketed the cellphones of the victims and one of them put on the boys jacket after the crime. A total lack of remorse on the face of these criminals also speaks volumes about the fact that they were no greenhorn criminals.
Rapist and murderer further added in his interview that death penalty will make things even more dangerous for girls. As per this sick psychopath before the death penalty the rapists would have raped the victim and left her thinking she won’t tell anyone. Now when they rape they will just kill the girl.
The so called Juvenile, the most brutal killer, who pulled out Nirbhaya's intestines by forcing his hand inside her all the way across her womb which the bastards had ruptured with iron rods was six months short of 18 years of age at the time of crime. Imagine the plight of affairs, this ruthless and remorseless young criminal was sent to a rehab facility for a maximum term of three years where he enjoyed hobbies like cooking, sewing, painting, playing volleyball and watching television.
Ram singh, an elder brother of Mukesh died in the prison by committing suicide. Mukesh, 26 at the time of incident was put on the death row along with four others by a fast-track court. Death verdict was upheld by Delhi high court and is now in Supreme Court as an appeal.
This post is written as I Pray for an early Justice for Nirbhayaa and other daughters of India and a befitting punishment for the criminals. ..... poet balwant gurunay.

The criminals whose faces the public must remember............. Because going by the Indian legal system you never know if one of them roams the streets as a free bird soon only to shock the nation with a similar crime.
Juvenile  nick named 'Bhura'

If there is God or NOT


Guru Gurunay's Video
                                          Many a times people argue over the question of whether their is God or not. Many rationalist moralists and social campaigners do not believe in the existence of God. Many believers think that their belief in God it self makes them distinct and better human beings than the rest of the homosapiens. They not only move around with a false sense of enlightenment but even a false sense of entitlement.

                                      Verily I tell them that your Janeoos, crosses, kadas, turbans, your white or bhagva dresses, long or short hair, your reading the same lessons again and again every morning and evening like primary school kids is a sure sign of the fact that you still have to grow and evolve.

                                      Verily Verily I can say if reading bible, geeta, quran, japji and Mahabharta could not evolve you, you need less of your outer symbols of your loyalty to your false Gods and need more of a deeper understanding of the philosophy of your prophets who have written and recorded whatever they have realised in the light of absolute logic for the sake of morality and peace. Any packaging of their messages in divine boxes is only to add a halo to the message and not confuse you. All confusion is the creation of priestly class.

                                     Whenever confronted by logic these so called religious people start quoting from their holy books or start advising us to read them so as to be enlightened. My answer to all bibles, Qurans, SGGS's and other holy books is that as far as lessons in them on ethics and morality are concerned, I respect them all but as far as the explanations of an omnipotent omnipresent and all powerful God are concerned and his Ibadat/pooja/paath/ havan/ yagya/ Akhand Paath etc are concerned..I completely trash the Idea.

                                     These rituals are nothing but a way of giving solace to those who don't even wish to understand the real essence of holy books, which is establishment of Ethics and morality in society.
                                     For example the Sikhs who Follow Guru Nanak's Philosophy, A great rationalist and moralist, a great social crusader, a great logician waste 300 liters of milk to wash a single gurdwara every friday in Patiala. This is being done as a ritual in many Guru dwaras all across India including hazoor sahib gurudwara. If the logic is to save the marble floor, it can be better done with mansion polish. Ironically these are the same people who trash the idea of hindus offering millions of liters of milk on stone shiva Lings ( Shiva's phalous).

                                        I am Sure if Baba Nanak ji had been alive he would have told his followers not to waste milk on washing gurudwara floors but feed it to orphans or maybe leave it for the calves for a day. He would have asked them to feed the poor rather than the dead souls. He would have advised them once again to water their fields instead of Sun god. The irony is that when the spirit of philosophy of a great Guru like Nanak gets hijacked by priestly class, it becomes imprisoned in another temple or a mosque controlled by similar Mullahs and Brahmins against whom Baba had stood all the time.

                                         So Morality and not religion is the answer to the modern world's quest for truth. We don't need the vehicle of any religion to fulfill this need. We need to have a simple curriculum beginning at primary school level and continuing well into the advance classes, where personalities like Nanak Kabir and Swami Vivekanand are not presented as religious miracle makers but ethical movers and shakers of society.

                                         The best christian I have seen in my life time is Mother Teresa, was she just a christian ...no sir , she was a great human. The best Muslims I have known is Baba Farid Ji and Baba Bulleh Shah ji, The best HINDU or SIKH I have seen alive in my life is Bhagat Puran Singh Ji of PingalWara. Now if someone was to ask him if he is a Sikh or a Hindu, he would simply have said that, he is neither a sikh, nor a hindu but a man devoted to service of humanity and environmental protection and service to mother earth, a man devoted to goodness which rather than practising in their day to day life the people of this world find more convenient to personify and worship as GOD.

                                         I seek to draw the attention of all pseudo believers of all organised religions to this simple Epicurian logic........
Is God willing to protect Evil but nor able ? Then he is not omnipotent !
Is He able but not willing to prevent evil ? Then he is malevolent !
Is God both able and willing to prevent evil ? Then whence cometh Evil ?
Is he neither able nor willing ? THEN WHY CALL HIM GOD.........?

...........I know none of you have a straight answer for it though you have baskets full of your jalebi logic. ...........Guru Gurunay aka Poet balwant Gurunay.